Saturday, September 19, 2009

16 months have come and gone

Jackson is the joy of our lives and we are having so much fun with him. He is growing up so fast. He loves to repeat everything you say so we have to be careful. We took him to the beach this summer for 2 weeks and he loved the ocean, the pool, and the sand. We had a wonderful time with all the family. Jackson started daycare this past month and he actually really enjoys it. He does cry when Lamar first drops him off, but we know that is just to make "us" feel good. Lamar always looks back in the window, and Jackson is fine and playing with all the other children.
Jackson has had a busy summer and we have just let him adapt to our lifestyle. We have not slowed down and have continued to travel and we just take him along. He has been camping twice this summer and loved sleeping in the camper. Been to the lake, hiking in the mountains, loves his bike cart he rides around in while we do all the work, been to Church Hill Downs to see the horse races,the Louisville Zoo, loved all the animals, been to way to many ballgames to keep count, and the list just goes on and on.
Jackson was baptized this spring, loves going to Church, and loves playing with all his family and friends.
Thanks for continuing to follow our blog and I apologize for not being better at updates. Thanks to a wonderful friend, she has helped me get back on the blog. Thanks Amy!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is Here

Hey all,
It has been a long time since an update. Sorry for this. It has taken me awhile to learn how to get some things accomplished and have a child also. Definately busier than before.
Well, we have been home almost 4 months with Jackson and oh how he has changed since we first got him. He started really taking off and walking about a month after we got home from Vietnam. He eats almost anything we put in front of him but really does not like fruit anymore. Must have had too much of it in Vietnam. He transitioned well from the Vietnam formula to Similac, and now is on whole milk without any problems. We celebrated his first birthday with about 45 family and friends. Jackson has had 9 showers since being home and really blessed with lots of gifts from everyone. We had him baptized in our church on Mother's day so this was a very special day for me!!!
Overall, the adjustment has gone really well for all of us. Lamar is a wonderful father, he can not wait each morning for Jackson to wake up so he can go get him. Jackson still thinks dad is just a big play toy. He is saying lots of words, laughs alot, and just a fun baby to have around.
My sister Lynne has been keeping him mostly so far for the summer while we work, and he has enjoyed this time with her. I am sure they will have lots of fun, pool days, and just lazy days too!!!!!
Jackson is finally sleeping good all night long!!!! He also sleeps later than normal some mornings and that is a real treat for me!!!! Love those days!!!! I hope to add some pictures soon so do not give up on me just yet on the blog site. I will try to be better.
Love to all and thanks for ALL the love!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 Week Anniversary

We have been home 2 weeks now and Jackson is adjusting well to his new family and friends. He is loving his new home, all the animals, and the farm life. Jackson is eating table food, baby food, and loving his apple juice and bottles. He is crawling all over the place, standing and walking all around the room using the furniture, and also taking a few steps here and there. He will be walking soon. Found him up a couple of steps the other day, so a baby gate has been installed. We have had one of our showers for Jackson at Ringgold Middle School and got lots a great gifts for him. He loves all his toys, new clothes and shoes!!!! Tomorrow is a big day, we will go to church in a new outfit and visit the nursery there, then we have a big shower with our church family. That will be fun!!!!!
Jackson is saying dadadadada all the time, sometimes mamama, and babbles all the time. He went to the Dr. yesterday and got a great report. Dr Jung was impressed at how healthy he was coming from an orphanage. Was in the 50% on his weight and 60% on height. He got 5 shots in his legs, no ear infections, and was just a trooper. Does has some dry skin issues, but got some good steroid cream for that. Has to go next week for a bunch of lab work so that will not be fun.
Overall, the Dr visit went really well.
Jackson went to his first ballgames this week. Lets see, he has seen his cousin Stefani play tennis, gone to a soccer game, baseball game, and volleyball game. Saw some pretty cheerleaders trying out for the squad. He has been exposed to it all this week and loved it.
Have had babysitting offers all the time. Susan Higgins was his first babysitter one afternoon, and Mamaw MaryLou and Aunt Carolyn was his second. He loves all his cousins when they come to play.
We are so thankful for your continual prayers for us as we adjust to our new life as parents. Words can not express how much we appreciate all the calls, visits, and love from our family and friends. It means the world to us!!!!!!
Love to all,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in the USA

Well, we are all trying to settle in and catch up on lost sleep. That is NOT happening. Little Jackson has other plans, and it is not to sleep. We are definately sleep deprived at the Brown household. Jackson was so use to always having a nanny or little friend next to him at all times, he does not want to be out of sight of anyone. But, overall, we are all doing well. Jackson loves his new home, all his new friends he is meeting each day, and loves all the family. He has had his first car seat ride, not fun for any of us, has had his first lunch date and did great, got a new high chair and loves that he can pick up his own food and eat. He is crawling all over the place and I feel will be walking really soon. He is a big ham, smiles all the time, and is just lots of fun!! The fussiness starts only when tired and hungry. Could care less about a messy diaper, could stay in it all day without a fuss. Loves to be rocked and loves his new nursery!!
Posted some new pics of our new experiences now that we are home and trying to adjust to life in the good ole USA!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello Chattanooga

Yeah!!!!!! We made it home!! It was so special to see all of you at the airport and meant so much to us. Jackson loved meeting all his new family and friends!!
The last few days in Vietnam was getting long. We were ready to get home and see everyone and have some good ole southern cooking. We got up our last day around 0630, well, Jackson got us up. Our flight that day did not leave Vietnam until 1130pm. So, there is one whole day of not sleeping. Our flight from Vietnam to Seoul, Korea was 4 hours and Jackson slept that whole flight. So, a little nap for us. We had about a 4 hour layover in Seoul, so we are still awake. The flight from Korea to Atlanta was about 15 hours and Jackson slept a total of about 4 hours. He was awake and ready to play. He did nap a couple of times with Lynne so a little shut eye was nice. Thank goodness we made the connection flight to Chattanooga and got home the next day around 1230pm. Had a great day seeing and visiting everyone at the airport and then at the house. We appreciate everyone coming to the house and visiting and getting to know Jackson. He is adjusting well to his new home and all the 4 legged friends that keep kissing him. He slept in his crib last night and did good. He woke up around 4 am for his bottle and back to sleep he went. Was ready to go this morning and played all morning long with everyone. He loves all the attention!!!!
We had a great trip to Vietnam and loved the country. It has some beautiful areas and really do hope to visit again when Jackson is a little older. Have lots and lots of great pictures we want to share with everyone.
Thanks again for all the love, thoughts, and prayers during this time. Lamar and I can not believe we finally have our baby. We will continue to update the blog as Jackson grows.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday in Hanoi by Lamar

The Visa arrived today...the Visa arrived today...the Visa arrived today! We are a family...we have the documents to travel along with the documents for US adoption. Jackson did not sleep much last night...I guess he was a little nervous.

We went to the Army museum today...we read a lot about puppet governments and invading forces. There was a lot of US military equipment in the museum. More on that when we get home.

We found Hanoi Stadium and we tried to sneak in, but it would not be opened until 2 o'clock. I will try to go back tomorrow.

We leave on Thursday night at 11:50 Hanoi time. Over 5 hours to Seoul then a 4 hour layover with a 15 hour leg to Atlanta. The immigration stage may take a little while too, so it will be a long day on Friday...but a short day, since we get back to Chattanooga at 12:30.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U.S. Embassy Day

Jackson had a great night of sleep!!! We did a test dose of benadryl and he slept really good, so now we know the 15 hour trip on the airplane will be a little easier. He woke up once around 2am for a bottle, then back off to sleep he went until around 730am. Wow, that was a first. Had a good morning just hanging out and playing. Took a good, long nap before lunch then we headed out to explore more of the city. Went to the U.S. Embassy at 130pm. Very easy process, just asked us that the information we provide was true and Lamar signed the papers. We are just waiting on his Visa to be ready which should be tomorrow. We just hung around the city all day today, exploring the area, and seeing all we can in our last few days here in Hanoi. All is going well for us, we are enjoying the sites and love learning all about this country. Hopefully in the future when Jackson is older, we can bring him back to his birthplace. Plan to go to the war museum tomorrow and see the lake where the B52s crashed during the war.
Love all the comments on the blog and glad you are enjoying the pictures. We appreciate the followers.
Love and thanks,